I have chosen a One Little Word for the year since 2014. This project, started by Ali Edwards is a very simple and easy way to add some intention to your year and to what you’d like to invite in your life. My words have been:

  • 2014: Health
  • 2015: Commit
  • 2016: Focus
  • 2017: Momentum
  • 2018: Savour
  • 2019: Shift
  • 2020: Align

Each of these words has served me so well. I loved the action of Shift in 2019 and wanted something similar, inclusive and action driven for 2020. Align came to me when I bought a black cape for the Fall and felt like it reflected perfectly how I felt and saw myself inside. I felt aligned and decided that that was what I wanted to invite in for this year.

To help with this, I am calling in the energy of the Queen of Wands. I love seeing these cards together. I feel the Queen of Wands really embodies that creative fire and deep pondering that comes to my mind when I think of Align.

I created a seminar on this very theme for Art Witch Academy – which is my most aligned project ever by the way – and the image at the top of this post comes from this lesson. 2020 is a Death year for me which is definitely not incompatible with the idea of aligning my life. Already, this year has been showing the power in letting go and letting cycles end…maybe a little too intensely?

I am excited in seeing how Align will inform my year. Already, I have an announcement relating to this next week. Watch this space!