For my 2015 Project Life, I went from a 12 x 12 album to a 9 x 12 album.

I have a lot of leftover 12 x 12s that I plan to cut down and use in my new album. It’s a little extra work because I have to punch in two more holes in each page protector and trim off the excess 3 inches, but those are minor details. One of my favorite page layout is the Design G and I bought a few packs thinking it would look perfect in my 9 x 12.

But, this page is actually 10 x 12! There is an extra inch that peeks out of the album when I used them as they were. I definitely didn’t want that, but I didn’t want those page protectors to go to waste either. So I put in all my photos and journaling and then used the 9 x 12 pages to punch new holes through both the pictures and the page protectors.

I trimmed off the part where the manufacturer name is written et now it fits perfectly.

Personnally, I like the way this looks! It will be fun to adapt my other 12 x 12 page protectors to fit in this new size. I like to change things up in my PL and there are only 4 types of page protector layouts in 9 x 12…for the moment.