I’ve already mentionned before that this blog is a space for me to share my creative endeavours and not a lifestyle blog. I just don’t have the time or energy or even the will to update a blog that talks about my feelings on life, motherhood, work, home decorating, booklists and things of the sort (that is what my art journal is for!).
I use my Instagram account to show glimpses of my life and what’s happening in it, combined with most of the creative things I work on. These last few weeks, a big change has been going on since we relocated from Hong Kong back to Gatineau. Clearly, that affects what I post on my feed. Last week I noticed that I lost a few followers. It’s happened before and in general it’s not that big a deal.
But some things have been bugging me lately. Being a part of the Get Messy tribe has been so wonderful for me. I’ve bathed in creativity for the last two months. I look at everyone’s pages each week, whether they are on IG, Pinterest or on people’s blogs. I take the time to comment and like. I understand that not everyone has the time to do this and that, regardless of this fact, most people do take the time to look at what other members have done, but when I see no comments after a blog post, it gets me down.
So the Roosevelt quote really resonated with me when I noticed the change in numbers on my IG feed. But then I decided to put things in perspective. First of all, who am I creating for? An audience or myself? Myself. Second, as stated above, I don’t have time to nourish my blog the way others do, especially these days when all we are doing is unpacking and settling in. Plus, my blog isn’t even of the same nature as some of the other blogs I’ve been comparing mine to. And have I mentionned I just moved halfway across the globe? Some people may very well not be interested in my life outside of Hong Kong.
So, in my very own style of dealing with things, I made a journal page about it.

And now I feel much better. Thanks for letting me vent!