Now that we have crossed the threshold into 2022, I have fully embraced my word for the year. There are already many ways that I make this manifest. First, I participated in Kiala’s Artsy Meetup Marathon, which ran for 22 hours from Dec 31st to Jan 1st. My session focused on how to link your word of the year with a tarot card and how to integrate the two.

I am working with the Seven of Pentacles when it comes to my word for 2022 – Tend. When I pulled out all my favorite versions of this card, it definitely showed me that this was the card for me (we will just gloss over the Thoth version which is called ‘Failure’ – eek!). I want to tend to many things including my business (a Patreon and some new classes), my voice, my body, my family, my relationships, my home…and so much more.

This ended up being a very soothing – not to mention stash busting – process and I also love the result. Some of these papers I used to make the leaves have moved twice, going from Beijing to Shanghai and now back again. It feels great to use them.

This journal will be for my Patreon work and general explorations throughout the year. I also documented my word in my witchy planner. Again using some much hoarded elements.

Speaking of my planner, I will be writing up a little something soon to show you what it is all about this year. I will also be telling you about my Patreon which I am hoping to launch in the next two weeks so we can start in earnest in February.

Finally, I also made a little word altar. I cut out the letters from the same collage papers I made for my session on the Artsy Meetup Marathon and placed the letter in front of this postcard of a piece by Luiz Zerbini. So, a year of Tend, eh? Well let’s do this!