Oh, we are a sneaky bunch. We zined our Zine Squad Leader Julia!!! Katie had the brilliant idea to make a woodland zine for our lovely Jules. It was so much fun to catch her unawares. She was thrilled and I must say we had loads of fun making it. This time, Katie and I recruited Torrie and Lauren to our team. Honestly it was one of my favorite zines to make. Julia’s love for foxes and the forest made it almost easy.
I was third in line to get the zine, after Torrie and Katie. The pages were so amazing! I got stage fright for one of the first times! My page is on the right and I believe the left one is by Katie. I’m a big fan of The Little Prince and I just love the way the fox is drawn in that book.

Here is my full double spread. I used bits of various ephemera that I stuck on a painted background,

My page is on the left here and I think I recognize Torrie’s calligraphy skills on the right. The haiku on my page is from Stephen King’s It (one of my favorite books).

And finally, how can we make a Woodland Zine and not have Thoreau in there? Impossible. Julia, I’ll be honest, I almost kept the zine! But this is so you, we are super happy you love it.
Now go take a look at everyone’s pages (just click on their names): 
and Julia!