In December, Art Witch Academy ran a documenting project called A Witchy Yuletide. We wanted to offer some easy prompts to help us be more present during the busy Yuletide season. So we invited anyone to interpret the prompts as they wishes, with a poem, a photo or a drawing. It was totally up to them!

We were so happy to see so many people participate! It was such a great way to get to know more people in the art witch community and to see the different ways witches practice their craft.

I shared all of my photos on Instagram, but I thought I would post them here as well. Thank you to everyone who participated in our project! You can find all of these under the hashtag #awitchyyuletide.

I used a few apps for these photos: A Color Story to edit the photos, Afterlight for the Polaroid type frame and Phonto for the text. I used my Hipstamatic for a couple of photos as well.

I really enjoyed take a few minutes each day to think about the prompt and decide how to go about interpreting it.

Some photos ended up as quite a surprise as some were super spontaneous.

Others were more planned out. But never more than planned a day in advance!

I can’t wait to print these out and add them to my 2019 album.

Bring on 2020!