The Zine Squad wanted to work with Cait Sherwood for a really long while and so we were so happy when she agreed to be our partner in crime for the Seaside Zine we made for Gilly!
The Sea, the sun, the beach; inexhaustible subject matter.

I love how this zine turned out because of all the hues of blue and because of the add-ons to my pages. Originally, they were pretty quiet. So it’s such a thrill for me to see what they look like after the other members of the Squad have added their touch.

I like to make my zine pages tactile and interactive. Like with the thread and sequins above and the flap below.

I can’t wait for our holiday in the Northern Beaches, Australia. I want to sift sand and hear waves all day long. It will be a welcome respite from Beijing air too.

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