Hello all! Welcome to Get Messy’s new Season: the Season of Music! Today I wanted to show you the base of the journal I made for this Season. It is about 5 x 7. I say ‘about’ because since I don’t have my paper trimmer here, it’s a little wonky!
I used a variety of paper, including that amazing mulberry paper I used for the cover. Inside there is mixed media paper and this copper flecked paper.

I love the texture.

I couldn’t find any sheet music paper (and it’s annoying because I know I have four sheets of it in my stash that is still in transit from Canada to here!). But I did find the lovely Chinese calligraphy practice paper with the red lines,

And this dark paper made for practising brush strokes with paint!

I’d love to try it someday.

I found a second sheet of mulberry paper with these leaves and yellow petals in it.

I’m excited to fill in this lovely journal.

This is the back cover.

Once the journal was done, I decided to burn part of the pages. I can’t say why, I was just in that mood.

My son walked in to my studio and said ‘it smells like marshmallows here!’

This photo is out of focus, but it’s because it’s hard to manipulate my phone and make sure I don’t burn the place down!

If you want to do something like this, I’m sharing some tips in my tutorial on the Get Messy private blog tomorrow. Burn baby burn!