If you recall, I bought an old Polaroid camera (the rainbow one) and used some Impossible Film in it last summer. I had very mixed results. That said, I decided to give this film another shot for my recent trip to Paris.

I bought two films. The white bordered one above and the black bordered one below.

On a total of 16 photos, I’d say I really like 10 of them. (I gave two to Caylee). This time, I had no problem with the photo not coming out or streaks on the image. I’m still working on getting the perfect color and exposure balance but it is getting there. The photos taken by other people are a little blurry which is understandable when people don’t really know the camera.

In the end, my only frustration is the price. It is so expensive, that it hardly seems worth it. You keep saving those precious shots instead of experimenting. I am glad there are options out there and I am hoping they have sales every once in a while, because I love the look these images have and how unpredictable they are. I am thinking of putting these in a mini of some kind.

Luckily, Caylee has a mini class in the Studio Calico classroom! I am so inspired by the kit that comes with the class, especially those glitter alphas! I think all of these coordinate perfectly with our early Spring visit to the French capital.

And look what else I found: vintage postcards. These were in my grandmother’s stash. They are unused, but I love that they are showing the places we went. I had a blast talking up the men who sell the vintage books and ephemera on the Seine. So cool to see them in these old postcards. 

I can’t wait to get started.