I had the chance to take an e-course by the wonderful Jeanne Oliver last spring. I learned so much in her e-course The Journey of Letting Go (Creating Beauty from Ashes). -You can see what I made in the course by following the tag-. Not only is the course content full of new techniques and things to try out, but there is a wonderful sense of community coming from the participants and Jeanne is very generous with her teachings.

Anyway, she has a new one up on her website…and it falls into my interests too. It’s called Creatively made Home (Home for the Holidays). YES! People who know me are aware of my love of everything glittery so the Christmas period falls into my favorite times of the year. I love all the twinkling lights and the feeling of magic surrounding us.

Because I am far from my extended family since I live in Hong Kong, I try to instill new traditions for my children to make this season merry. So this course would be super fun to get new ideas and recipes to make the Holidays even more special. It is especially true because our home was assigned to us so I am definitely curious aboiut how I can make it more ‘our own’.

I would love to win a spot for this course! For more information or to participate in the giveaway, please follow to the link below. And have a look at her other courses, you won’t regret it.