Hello lovelies, today I am over on the Get Messy private blog to share the results of Julia and I’s special zine collaboration. Just as a reminder, we each made a zine base and sent it to the other. We then completed our own zine.
When we got the other’s zine, we completed that one too. So in all, we have 4 versions of 2 different zines! I ended up adding mostly words to my zine plus some mark making. But I am so impressed by what Julia did. I get too attached to paper and images and have trouble letting go and tearing them up to create something new. Which is precisely what I love about Julia’s work.
This whole process was so very rewarding and definitely pushed me in different directions. When I got Julia’s zine, it was all completed and I had no idea how to go about ‘finishing’ it. ‘Till she told me ‘tear it up!’ and that sparked a whole new way of looking at the material!
I decided to use fabric, [which I rarely do although I have loads and one day -ONE DAY!!!- I will finally make a quilt!]. First, I cut out the elements from each page that I wanted to feature.

Then I laid cut and added some fabric to see how I liked the look.
After that, I made some messy stitching with my machine.
Head on over to the Get Messy blog to see the final results of our endeavours and swing by Julia’s blog to check out what she learned from this collaboration. My favorite part is seeing what Julia did with the base I sent her. I also love the fact that I now have a piece of her art and learned something about being brave and unafraid to tear up paper!

Once again, thanks Julia for jumping in the void so promptly with me 🙂