If you follow me in Instagram, you may have seen this photo I posted last Friday. Every year the Canadian Museum of History, where I work, has a big rummage sale. Old props from the Children’s Museum, leftover costumes, posters, tables, books, decorations and other promotional items. I had such a blast and brought back all the loot you see above plus about 20 more books. The whole lot for 20$!!! A couple of these warrant a closer look, especially if you’re a fan of paper like me 🙂

I litterally picked up this game for the aesthetic of the box. Isn’t it stunning?
This Magic Wheel lets you look at moving pictures. You stand in front of a mirror, place a disc on the handle, spin it and look through the slits. It’s basically a mini motion picture. Don’t you love this man eating a chicken?

I love these amazing vintage images! The whole game is a reproduction of the ‘phenakistascopes’ dating back to 1864.

These are reproductions from games that were played at that time.

They look so cool! I love this kind of find, one that mixes my love for antique or vintage items and paper!

I’ll share more of my treasures this week. Thanks for coming by.