Here are the final pieces I bought during the Museum’s sale and that I wanted to share with you.This is an amazing, old-school, super mechanical (and heavy) rotating number stamp. I love the feel of it in my hand. The ink is running dry, so I’ll have to find a way to replenish the reservoir.
You can see it faintly on the top right of the paper.

As you can see, I also got the two other wooden stams. One says: ‘Approved by prophecy’ which I thought was absolutely hilarious. After, someone told me that was an accounting program! The other one is a regular business stamp with a place to check off services recived. It’s a little damaged in the corner, but it could still be a cool background stamp.

 Finally, I got this lovely old french-english dictionary. I LOVE the typography in this.


I foresee collage pages and maybe…paper packs 🙂

Thanks for looking!