Here are two other vintage style games I picked up during the Museum rummage sale.

Once again I was attracted by the packaging. Also the three languages on the cover.

When you open the bos there are a series of ceramic pieces inside. The numbers on these particular one are catalogue numbers, part of the Museum’s way of keeping track of what it has.

The object of the game is to pull out the shapes and to assemble them so they ressemble the various figures found in the booklet. 

Once again, this is a reproduction of a vintage game. But clearly it is inscribed in the tradition of the parlour game. I can just imagine people in the Victorian era getting together and playing these games.

This second game differs from the first in shape.

And look at these great graphics! You definitly have to use your imagination to be able to recreate these silhouettes.

I might even have a go at it after supper….