I’m not sure if these things are weird, but they definitely bring tears to my eyes each time. For list #9, I used some vintage newspaper, a star paper, an Instax picture of my children’s baby albums, washi tape and a scrapbooking paper with photobooth pictures.

When Buffy empowers all the potential slayers. In season 7, Buffy gives her power to the other girls and that scene when all of them realise they are now so strong really, really gets to me. Especially the girl who stops a man from hitting her.
The Last Unicorn movie. The whole movie. From the opening song to ‘how dare you come to me now?’ to the unicorns escaping the sea. Love love love it.
The news. Every night. I cry about so much injustice, on little and big scales. I cry for the mother whose child was run over as much as for the people suffering in Syria.
Old discarded photos of dead people. I cry to think that they are forgotten. But I cry of happiness when I buy and collect those old pictures. They fascinate me.
My children’s baby albums. They make me tear up because I love my kids so much and those albums are filled with potential dreams and how our kids’ arrival in our lives has changed them for the better.
Disney movies. I should also say Disney adverts like the ‘I am a princess’ one right now. Sigh. I get kind of annoyed at myself for falling into that emotional trap!
There’s a lot more to this list. Like crying when a beloved book character dies or their story finishes. But maybe that is not so weird, just normal.
I’m definitely more emotional as I get older. That impression of immortality starts to fade and things affect me more.