Ah. I have lots of these. I like to break most of the ‘adages’ that come from my parents. I limited myself to three. Because the prompt isn’t ‘stupid things your parents/grandparents/authority figures told you’. So here is my list.

1. Children should be seen and not heard. One of my father’s favorite sayings. One of the most frustrating parts of my childhood. ‘Nuff said.

2. Don’t wear white after Sept 1. This one and any other ‘don’t wear this or that’, ‘ladies hide theirs knees’, ‘you’re not going out like that’ rules should be out the window. Wear what you want when you want to.

3. Act your age. No way. Act older if that is how you are wired, act younger if it is in you. And anyway, who decides what actions go with what age anyway.

Thanks for letting me vent, HA!