I like to think that I’m not much of a worry wart…although I do get anxious a lot. I think it helps to write it down, to gain perspective. Which is why I’m a Lister in my everyday life. If I write it down, I don’t forget it and it takes a load off my mind.

Here is my list. I meant to take a picture of the top of my head only which is why my face is that way. But, I decided not to use another Instax picture and roll with it. I also used some Kikki.k stamps, some papers from my stash (available here if you’re interested) and some neon washi tape.
1. Being late. Probably my most common worry. I should stop worrying because I’m always late anyway!
2. My to do list. When I have a big to do list, I always go through it in my mind the night before.
3. My children and if I’m doing things right. This is a big one. My children are still young so I’m still very much implicated in their lives. This means that I’m reassured by being close to them and watching over them…but, and this is another facet of my worry, maybe I’m there too much? Or not enough? And so on and so forth.
4. Are my roots showing? Just a little humour here, although I do have an eagle eye when it comes to my grey hairs and the fact that my roots show up so fast!!
I added some doodles throughout the page, to help it be cohesive.