The most recent round of 30 Days of Lists started on September 1st. I have been pretty good about not getting too far behind, despite this being the first week in a new school for the kids (which implies back to school shopping, mad dashes to the shoe store to find a new pair of sneakers, parent-teacher meetings, long hours spent in traffic, etc).
Here is a recap of the first eight lists.

I’m on a pie chart roll, people!


I’m happy to have found a place for all the wood veneer numbers I’ve been getting in various kits.

List 5 is completely and totally inspired by Caylee Grey and her use of paint chips.

List 8 should be called ‘Books I think everyone should read because they are among my all-time favorites ever’!

I am very much enjoying this round, using my notebook and seeing everyone’s creative use of these lists prompts. If you want to see more, check out the #30lists hashtag on IG.