And so it starts once more! Yay! I really look forward to these months of listing. I get a kick out of that litle burst of daily creativity. The way I am approaching my notebook this round is : 1-use up some of the Project Life cards that I have in my stash and 2- use stickers!

Let’s face it, being a paper addict and a Project Lifer means that I cannot resist getting some of the mini-kits out there even though they may not fit at all in my PL album. So, I’m busting out the Maggie Holmes Flea Market mini kit and the cards are a perfect match for this project. I’ll also be using some elements that I’ve been hoarding.

Without further ado, here are the first two lists in my album. First a reminder of my cover, which sets the springtime/flower like mood.

List one :
1. I love sending out mail, especially knowing the receiver doesn’t know it’s coming!
2. Having a picnic on the living room floor with my kids is one of my favorite activities (and theirs too)
3. Believing that magic surrounds you helps you take note of those little moments when you can almost touch it
4. Bringing a surprise to someone you love, even if it’s just a coffee or a new pen, is something I try to do a lot, the smile on their face is magic enough!
List 2 :

1. I love to read especially vampire novels (since I discovered Anne Rice in the 80s), Stephen King novels, historical mysteries and anything set in Victorian London.
2. I love tot ry new things so I often feel I don’t have a ‘specialty’ or a ‘style’
3. I’m always open to debating and discussing ideas, this is true on my IG feed as well. I like to give my opinion and to listne/take stock of your too. I try to keep everything respectful and about the ideas being discussed, not the people behind the opinions
4. I’m a paper addict. Self-explanatory.

Already so colorful! Love it, especially since it’s really grey and wet here in Hong Kong.