Itès that time of year again! December and all its documentable glory! It’s also the time of year when we feel overwhelmed because there is a lot to do, lots of family to see, lots of food to prepare and eat and lots to put in albums. It’s easy to get lost and sidetracked with all the options out there.

So this is where December’s edition of 30 Days of Lists saves: lists are quick and easy, my notebooks house all the pretty Christmas ephemera I have in my stash and they make a great placeholder for those December feelings. Intrigued? Click here to find out more or use the 30 Lists button on the right sidebar.

So how will I list this year? I decided to try a new size for me: Traveller’s Notebook size. I used a similar format for one of my travel journals and really liked it so I thought I’d give it a try this year.

Here’s a look at the inside pages:

I used some papers from different collections I had on hand. I went with a mixed colour palette with some traditional colours and some unorthodox ones too! I love the result and I’m excited to start filling it in!

I’m curious as to what your approach to December documenting is. Please let me know your tips for keeping it simple in the comments.

Do you think you would ever try listing as a way of documenting December?

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