I really liked this prompt, made me smile 🙂
I pulled out this great page from a child’s story book. It came from one of Katie Licht’s awesome paper packs. I took a picture of my arm holding my favorite unicorn My Little Poney, which I’ve had since I was 6.

My list reads like this :

  • I still love unicorns. I have one tattooed on my back (not a cartoon one, the design is based on a tattoo found on this bog body) and I love that people still give unicorn stuff to me.

  • I have an impressive sticker stash. With a lot of unicorn stickers. And also skulls.

  • I still love to go out to dance and get down. Favorite activity, especially if I get to wear a disguise.

  • Black nail polish, Buffy, Star Trek and Stephen King. Actually, my nail polish will definitely reflect my mood. For me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was (and is) the epitome of girl power just when I needed it. She’s feminine and a feminist, she’s confident and vulnerable, plus she kicks vampire butt. Star Trek, the original and the next generation….captain Kirk, Spock, captain Picard, still love them. Made me dream about the universe. Stephen King…I discovered him at 14 years old and will always, always grab one of his books when I need to submerge myself and get lost in a story. Some of his characters live on in me and I have grieved for a number of them.

  • I am creative in my daily life. I was creative back then, when I had loads of time to be and I am today again, after a hiatus – having kids and not sleeping for a couple of years will put a dent in your craft time!

  • I’m an archaeologist. I used to dream about being one and now I am one. I have a masters in funerary archaeology (hence all the skulls and skeletal love) and have also done some doctoral studies although I never handed in my dissertation. I actually included this fact in one of my lists (see the page for March 20th).

I like that I haven’t changed too much.