This prompt made me think of the ’20 things about me’ prompt that was going around IG recently (see mine here). So as to not repeat myself too much, I tried to point out new things about me.
I used a vintage journal page, some scrapbooking paper and my Instax picture.
1. My last name is Oliver-Lloyd but in reality it should only be Lloyd since Oliver is actually my father’s middle name. There are many reasons for this fact, but they are for another list!
2. I used to be really shy and had trouble interacting with people. I was always in my own world and would rather stay there. My mother put me in theater class to help me out and going to a summer camp helped build confidence. When I started university I decided I didn’t want to be held back by shyness and purposefully placed myself in challenging situations. Even now, I love texting and sharing in the virtual world, but I get really shy in the real world and hate talking on the phone. I took a test that said I was an extroverted introvert, but it may be the other way around…
3. I had myself de-baptised in 2009. For many reasons I had been feeling that the catholic church was not at all reflecting it’s teachings not was it logical to me. When this happened, I got so so very angry and left the fold. It didn’t take long to get de-baptised and I feel really good about it. This doesn’t mean I am not spiritual, only that none of the institutionalised religions speak to or for me. Also, I have trouble with how women are represented in all major religions i.e. as submissive and obedient, as virgins or prostitutes.
4. I speak spanish…un poco. Actually, I speak it a lot (I learned it for 4 years in high school) but haven’t practiced in the longest time so it’s probably really rusty.