This was my guest post on the 30 Days of Lists. I interpreted the prompt as ‘dreams that I’d like to fulfill’ and not ‘last night I dreamt that…’, although both ways work.

I did my layering with scrapbooking paper, some stamps stickers, washi and 2 Instax pictures!

Recent dreams…
1. open a stationery store : sigh. I love paper so much, I love notebooks and cards and designs and graphics. I can’t own it all…unless it’s in my store! This one is a wild dream. Plus, someone else will have to manage the store because I’m not a business type person!
2. move to Scandinavia : I’d love to go there after our stint in Hong Kong. It’s Europe, but it isn’t. Lots of seafood, warm sweaters, blond people, blue sky, blue sea. Or maybe I’m just stereotyping. Would be nice to find out!
3. Grow a vegetable garden. My summer vacation in Europe showed me that I feel very disconnected to the Earth, to healthy food, to being grounded. I would love to plant my own vegetable garden, no matter where we end up.
4. Places to see before we leave Asia. This would be my top three : Tokyo, the Great Wall and Ankor Wat. So far, Ankor Wat is the only one coming true…this December!