Yes! Love the weekend (who doesn’t?)! This one was fun to do and my week end was also very fun and typical. I wrote my title on the Instax picture, added a couple of PL cards and used a wood veneer speech bubble.
1. Aperol Spritz. Our drink of the moment! We discovered it in Italy. It is so refreshing without being sweet. Love it : aperol, prosecco and soda water. The recipe is easy to find and sooooo worth a taste.
2. One take-out, one home cooked supper. On Fridays we like to order in and eat after the kids are asleep. On Saturdays, my husband takes over the kitchen and whips up some fine home-cooked food.
3. A TV series to get lost in. We end up looking at whole seasons in two-three weeks!
4. Naps with the kids. Actually, the kids don’t nap. We nap on the sofa and the kids climb up on us and perch themselves there.
5. Long breakfasts while reading the paper. The kids get to watch cartoons…