Ah, September. What a sweet name now that I don’t go to school anymore…but that my kids do! There are a lot of things to love about September. Because we are a canadian family living in Hong Kong, my list has a mix of both worlds. There are many things I miss about autumn back home : the fall foliage, sweaters, that very specific smell (which I just talked about in my previous post!) and nippy evenings.

In the end I think my page is really busy and I would have liked for the background clouds to show up more, but I had too much to say!! For this list I used some autumn stamps, packing tape, some scrapbooking paper and an Instax pciture.

1. That hunter-gatherer feeling. You know the one. It makes you want to buy tons of multicolored produce and can it. It makes you want to spice everything. It makes you want to cook dishes that have the words broth, casserole, deep-dish and hearty in the recipes.
2. The opportunity to use woodland-themed embelishments. Like that packing tape (I love it so!) and those cute little stamps. There is nothing like seeing foxes, deer and squirrels to make me think of fall. If I was home, I’d add a few leaves, but they don’t turn here in Hong Kong.
3. Mid-Autumn festival lanterns. It turns out my favorite chinese festivals happens in September. Mid-Autumn festival is so pretty: there are lanterns all over the city. Because this festival celebrates Chang-i, the lady of the moon, and/or the hare in the moon, its aesthetic speaks to me a lot. I love to walk around at night and see the lanterns all lit up. Can’t wait for next week!
4. Butternut Squash. There’s something about that soft orange color that appeals to me. I love to roast it and add it to soups and salads.
5. Halloween is coming. I’m a big fan of Halloween. I’m glad I get to relive that excitement through my kids and I have lots of adult dressing-up fun too. I get to make Halloween themed things for my etsy shop and I love that also.
6. 30 Days of Lists. Love having that creative outlet all month.
7. The kids are in school. YAY! My days are mine again.
8. New stationery in stores. Best part about school starting is all the new notebooks, planners and pens that hit stationery stores.