I have learned so much from my family all through my life. I want to keep my lists short and simple, but sometimes I know I could go on and on! For this list I made two parts, the first being learning from my family growing up (my father, mother and sister) and the second from my family now (my husband, my daughter and my son).
I used a sheet of notepaper, an image I cut out from a vintage magazine, washi, wallpaper, an Instax photo and a ‘love’ page marker.
From my growing up family:
– kindness is everything. No matter how annoyed I might be at our father for various issues, this is the lesson he taught me. He was always kind to people.
– mistakes are expected. Our mother always said mistakes were inevitable, but to try and not make the same one twice.
– it’s ok to change your mind. Whether it’s about university studies, partners or hair color, changing your mind is ok.
-be who/what you want to be. No limits, happiness with who you are is the key.
-cultivate friendship. Friends are super important and cultivating these friendships are essential.
From my family now:
-all of the above plus : roll with it. It’s the one thing I’ve learned when I became a parent, you have to be flexible. Rigidity has no place here.
– be patient. Everything changes, nothing is going to stay the same forever. So get through it and be patient.