Pam (@prpaints18) and I decided to tackle Misty Mawn’s 100 works on Paper class together, starting at the end of August. I had bought the class last year but just never had the time to start it. Working through this class with a friend is so fun and encouraging. I like having someone to be accountable to!

What I love about Misty’s lessons is that they are short videos, about 20 minutes long. When you live in a place where the internet is often censored, it helps when the instructions are not dragged out!

I mostly alternate between a shorter exercise or lesson and a longer one. I can’t decide yest which type I like better!

It feels really good to be using my paints. I have supplies that I sometimes don’t turn to because I feel like they take too much time or I am unsure of how to use them. I don’t reach for my paints as much as I would like to.

As I am busy creating content for my classes at Art Witch Academy and other projects that I have going, actually allowing myself to be a student is so rewarding.

In this way, I get to push my skills and spend some time deepening my art practice…something I absolutely love to do. I feel that I can bring more to my own creative well when I am replenished this way.

I don’t love everything I have made, but I love enough of it to be really proud and interested in keeping with this workshop.

I am so thankful for this chance to evolve as an artist and to see where someone else’s spark can lead me. And thankful to you for taking a look!