This prompt was ‘meaningful gifts recived or given’. I chose the received part of it. I like to think that all the gifts I’ve given are meaningful to those who got them, because I usually put a lot of thought into them. But, I can’t be sure the person received it with the same intent that I gave it. So, instead of assuming that these gifts were meaningful to them, I’ll just stick with the gifts I received.
Not much layering for this list : I stamped my Instax picture with the workd ‘magic’ and layered it on top of some tracing paper. I really like that cloud paper so I wanted it to show through. Then I added a sheet of vintage paper and a gift label.
1. My surprise birthday party when I turned 30 with my sister being there. My then boyfriend, my best friend and my sister all got together and planned an amazing surprise party for me for my 30th. I was not expecting it at all, which is saying a lot because I’m really annoying at making sure there is something happening for my b-day! All my friends were there and my sister actually came from Australia to Canada to be there. That was amazing!
2. My first mother’s day present from JC. In 2006, a year after our first baby was born, Radiohead (one of my favorites) did an intimate tour to try out some songs that would eventually be on their In Rainbows album. My then boyfriend bought us tickets to see them at a great venue in Montreal, with the Black Keys as an opening band! How cool was that?!
3. My 33rd birthday present : a mariage proposal and a very meaningful ring at a lovely place. In 2008, we went to a lovely little B&B to get away from it all for a weekend juste before my birthday. On the first evening, my then boyfriend gave me a piece of raw amethyst that we have mined together the year before and started reading a letter he had written to me. That’s when I realised it was a mariage proposal and when he finished the letter, he took away the rock and put a ring in my hand. On the ring were fragments of the raw amethyst we had mined. It was the single most romantic thing ever, because he did not want to get married so I was so not expecting this!