dans mon crâne

“Dans mon crâne” means “in my skull”.


I chose that username a long time ago because what I share here is my way of seeing the world and my place in it. A visit in my skull is a fantastic ride deep into one’s emotions and identity, bringing things out into the light and dusting out dark corners. My art is all about being open and unafraid to go deep.

I am passionate about the healing power of art journaling and photography, about travel and expanding your horizons, about not wasting time on fear and raising our voices loud, about documenting the little things as well as supporting the big things. I am on a journey in this life and art helps me find perspective.

I invite you to join me on this path. Let’s walk it together and see where it leads.

Latest on the blog

V’s Daily Diary || December

Oh this is it, friends. My last post for 2018's daily diary! What a feeling. There are times I thought it wouldn't happen. But here we are. I made it. Thank you to all of you who are still here. Here are my last pages for My Day Arted 2018. I will be doing Riet's...

December 30 Days of Lists – final

We made it! Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019. Here are the last pages of my December 30 Days of Lists! Fun fact, the piece of fabric on this page was added because I punched the holes in the wrong direction! The birds were on their side, ha! And that's a wrap. Happy New...

December 30 Days of Lists

Hello all, We are halway through December already. And I can feel the pull of 2019 quite clearly! I thought I would share the first two weeks of my December 30 Days of Lists. This round I am using an old ring album by Semikolon. I love how it turned out! In a bid to...


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